Who We Are

Founded in 2015, the Digital Liberal Arts Collaborative consists of a team of creative people who help the Grinnell College community develop and infuse digital resources into its scholarship, teaching, and learning. By harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of Grinnell faculty and students toward the meaningful incorporation of technology into the teaching and learning of the liberal arts, the Digital Liberal Arts Collaborative’s goal is to assist the College in maintaining its leadership position among its peer institutions by providing a model of liberal arts education in the twenty-first century. We provide the support, expertise, and resources that enable the College to strive toward a culture that apprehends the learning potential afforded by technologies, one in which faculty feel emboldened to experiment and play, in which students feel empowered with new skills, and in which all understand their ethical responsibilities as both digital citizens and members of a small liberal arts community.

Digital Pedagogy

Collaborate with us to develop digital assignments and projects for your courses. DLAC provides technical and instructional support for a wide range of digital teaching projects.


DLAC can develop preservation plans for long-term digital projects and collaborates with other campus units to ensure digital projects are compatible with adaptive technologies.


As part of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, DLAC develops digital project plans that support College and Department learning goals for students.

Grinnell College Immersive Experiences Lab

GCIEL is an interdisciplinary community of inquiry and practice exploring new ways to approach the liberal arts through immersive three-dimensional (3D), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) experiences.

Sites @ Grinnell

Sites @ Grinnell provides free domain hosting for faculty and classes. From customizable Word Press sites to Omeka exhibits to Scalar digital scholarship projects, a partnership with Reclaim Hosting makes a range of internet hosting resources available for faculty.

Vivero Fellows

A fellowship program for students who want to gain digital skills and work on a variety of digital projects. Supported by DLAC, the Libraries and the Center for the Humanities.

Ready to get started with your own digital project? Contact us via email.

Meet the Team

Maybe you want to learn about the types of digital projects already happening at Grinnell, or you have an idea for a specific project you want to explore in your research and teaching. Wherever you are in the process, DLAC can help move your project forward.
Gina Donovan

Gina Donovan

Instructional Technologist


Background in technology, education, and instructional design in the corporate and academic sectors. Blackboard administrator and coordinator for instructional and classroom technology.

Karla Hall

Karla Hall

Administrative Assistant


Coordinates scheduling for Digital Liberal Arts Laboratory in The Forum.

David Neville

David Neville

Digital Liberal Arts Specialist


GCIEL director. Specializes in problem- and game-based learning, immersive learning environments, open educational resources, computer-assisted language learning, and blended learning environments.

Mo Pelzel

Mo Pelzel

Director of Academic Technology


Religious Studies scholar with experience managing web publishing, digital annotation, digital storytelling, mapping, 3D printing, audio/video production, and other types of digital projects.

Tierney Steelberg

Tierney Steelberg

Digital Liberal Arts Specialist


Technologist with a background in information science and experience with digital pedagogy, digital publishing and web creation, digital mapping, and support for digital projects generally.

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